7 Traits the Oldest Seniors All Have in Common

We would all like to live a long and satisfying life. However, not everyone manages to reach an advanced age and those who achieve it are often afflicted by various diseases that limit their activities of daily life. Therefore, the big question is: how can we live for many years and stay healthy?. History has shown us that people who achieve this goal have similar characteristics which we will mention below.

Productive and active lifestyle
Physical activity is a key element in staying strong and healthy for a long time. Most people who maintain an active life, whether working, practicing a hobby, or exercising, tend to live longer. It is important to mention that we must remain active not only in the physical aspect but also mentally. Several studies have shown that keeping their minds sharp often preserves brain functions longer.

Positive mentality
Having a positive mindset can influence your health much more than you think. People who manage to have a long-lived life often have positive thoughts that help them maintain hope and seek solutions to the problems of daily life, thus avoiding the deleterious effects of stress on health.

Resilience and adaptability
Throughout our lives, we live countless changes, some good and some bad. The important thing is to adapt as well as possible and know how to cope with the bad times and recover. Longevity and happiness are associated with adaptability and the ability to fight against adverse environments and emerge victorious from them.

Healthy weight and general nutritious diet
Maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet is essential to maintain a good state of health for many years. Remember the phrase "we are what we eat." A diet with a high content of vegetable protein, antioxidants, and fruits has been associated with a better cognitive state during old age and a lower risk of suffering from metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

Good self-esteem
Maintaining good self-esteem and self-confidence is essential to achieve the goals you set in life, which allows you to enjoy a full and unrestricted life. Seniors who enjoy greater vitality do not allow the opinions of others to affect them, they are safe and determined.


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