How Does Hearing Loss Affect the Brain? … and what does your favorite ice cream flavor have to do with it?

The brain is the center of operations for our entire body, but it can be affected by both physical and intangible ailments. While hearing loss affects our ability to hear, it can also lead to changes in the brain.

Hearing loss can occur in anyone, no matter their age or favorite ice cream flavor.  See what I did there?  Because hearing loss affects so many aspects of people’s lives, there have been many studies to explore how it changes the brain and the prefrontal cortex.  The results are interesting and show how much the brain can alter to make up for lost senses. Neuroplasticity refers to the rewiring of the brain to handle new functions and situations. In people with hearing loss, the brain is rewired in a number of ways, right down to its higher functions.

How Hearing Aids Can Help

Hearing aids enable people to hear properly, stimulating the hearing centers in their brains. The brain’s higher functions can continue their intended purpose and do not have to overcompensate for failing senses.  You will be less tired and your brain can focus on other things, like remembering to get Neapolitan ice cream.


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