Concierge Audiology & In-Home Hearing Services

Concierge Audiology

Concierge audiology is dedicated to preserving this exceptional and attentive approach to audiology services. Think of it like this: Hearing loss and hearing aids is just like vision loss and glasses. For many reasons, your eyesight can decline – whether due to aging, genetics or other exposures. Glasses, like hearing aids, restore clarity, making everything crisp and clear. Glasses, however, are much easier to fit; hearing aids are much more complicated and require more attention.

Concierge audiology is a customized approach, so our focus is on service and solutions. The core of our practice is to emphasize long-term management of all our patients hearing healthcare needs.

We strive to understand our patients’ challenges and we will go the extra mile to find the right solution that is the best fit for your needs. We spend the time to find out what works best for you.
Understanding a problem helps support our patient’s healing process. Our integrated approach that combines patient education, follow-up service and counseling help to transition our patients successfully through every step of the process.

In-Home Hearing Services

Accessibility to healthcare, including hearing healthcare, can be a challenge for so many people who need healthcare services. California Hearing Center has made it our mission to allow more access to hearing services. To close this accessibility gap, we are now providing in-home service visits.
In treating hearing loss, we are not only restoring the ears ability to hear sounds, but we must work to retrain the brain again in what to do with that sound. Successful remediation of the auditory system requires a combination of fitting a patient with the right hearing aid technology and collaboration between audiologist and patient during the critical process of auditory rehabilitation.
For your convenience, we want to deliver full audiology services directly to your place of residence. This includes delivery services for testing hearing, hearing aid repairs and sales, ear max removal, and more! We can perform these services with our portable medical equipment. This means that we can come to you whether you are at a nursing home, assisted living center, retirement community, or at home. We will even help you set up your home for hearing aid accessories for the home such as a phone, TV, etc. This personalized setting allows optimal hearing aid success.
Often people go home after being fit in an office and forget how to maintain, wear and care for their new devices – or fail to receive the important follow up care that is needed. As a result, too many people are struggling with hearing aids that aren’t meeting their needs or have given up on finding the right hearing solution. We are on a mission to change this, and it all starts with the return of the house call or in-home hearing services.
No more waiting for weeks to get a ride to the office; you are just a call away from the hearing help you need and deserve! Currently, we offer these services during our regular, weekly hours.

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